Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year, packed with food, family and festivities.   However, it can be very stressful for people who are trying to lose weight.

There is no need!  Keeping in mind my proven philosophies of moderation and balanced blood sugar, you can enjoy Thanksgiving with freedom and confidence.

Enjoy my Top 10 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

Tip #1. Don’t skip meals.

What do dieters typically do on Thanksgiving Day?  They starve themselves until the big meal.  Then they ravenously overeat and feel guilty afterwards.  How miserable!  Instead, follow my rule of “PFC Every 3” by eating a balanced breakfast (with protein, fat and healthy carbs), plus eating smaller meals about every 3 hours until Thanksgiving dinner. Check out my  77 Simple Snacks   for great ideas. You’ll go into your meal with a stronger metabolism (and level blood sugar), you’ll make better choices, and you’ll feel much better about yourself afterwards.

Tip #2.  Build you plate around protein.

Turkey is your friend.  Eat your protein first. This will help balance your blood sugar and make you less hungry for the not-so-healthy sides.

Tip #3.  Pile on the veggies.

There will be less room on your plate for fattening foods.  This will also help you feel full.

Tip #4. Drink lots of water throughout the day.

Not drinking enough H2O could spark hunger pangs, which may actually be thirst.

Tip #5. Chew slowly and mindfully.

Take five deep breaths before your meal and chew every bite slowly. Really focus on the flavors, colors and smells of your food. Try to put your fork down between bites, and breathe through your nose while you eat. Half-way through your meal, pause and ask yourself how much more you need to feel satisfied yet energized and comfortable.

Tip #6. Watch out for liquid calories.

Alcohol reduces your inhibitions and can lead you down a slippery slope of making poor food choices. Most types of alcohol are also filled with sugar and empty calories. Instead, bring or ask for sparkling water with lemon or lime. Drink two glasses of water with lemon before a meal. Add a  True Packet to plain or sparkling water for a treat. My clients love these!

Tip #7: Skip the seconds.

Wait 20 minutes (the amount of time it probably takes to feel full) before filling up the dinner plate again. Unless you’re really hungry, save some food for leftovers—the best part about Thanksgiving, right?


Tip #8. Get outside. 

Go for a family walk, play with your kids at a nearby park, enjoy a game of flag football or walk your dog.  You’ll feel so much better after some healthy movement and fresh air.

Tip #9. Enjoy a little desert … later.

The holidays shouldn’t be about restricting certain foods—just try to enjoy them in moderation.  Instead of eating desert after dinner when you’re already full, enjoy it later. Stick to one small slice of pie.

Tip #10.  Secret Bonus Tip!

Eat a little leftover turkey before you eat your desert!  This will help to minimize the blood sugar spike (and therefore fat storage).  Plus, you’ll only feel like eating a small piece of desert if you eat some protein first.

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Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family!

All My Best,


Kelly Timmerman

Kelly has trained all types of people, including moms, Olympic athletes, kids, sports teams and busy professionals on how to improve their inner and outer well-being with proper nutrition. Kelly has coached nationally for over 11 years. She passionately empowers busy people to get their body back by making healthy eating SIMPLE and DOABLE for life.

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