The Lean Routine

Are you ready to lose weight, for good?

What I’m about to share with you is the secret to Simple, Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss


Lose Inches      Gain Energy      Crush Cravings

No more dieting, no more calorie counting, no more depriving.

Imagine that…

  • There was a way you could enjoy a social life and your favorite foods while permanently losing weight?
  • You could lose weight without confidence-crushing guilt and deprivation?
  • You could wake up every morning, love what you see in the mirror, and be excited to get dressed?


Now, you may be wondering… does this really work? What about women with busy careers and families and crazy schedules with no time left for themselves?

I promise you, you can. And I can help. 

When all other diets have failed, there’s hope — my proven system that has helped over 1300 women lose an average of 20-30 pounds in just 4 months and keep it off.

Can you relate to this?

Are you ready for Simple, Permanent Weight Loss?


The Lean Routine Formula is designed to help you shed the weight in a way that feels natural and easy without spending hours in the gym or feeling totally deprived.

Over the course of 8 weeks together, you’ll discover that lasting weight loss is possible, perhaps for the first time in your life!

The formula I developed is proven and effective because I help you master all three essential elements to lose weight and keep it off: nutrition, exercise and mindset. I’ll show you how to permanently ignite your metabolism (rather than crush your metabolism with dieting and deprivation like other programs).

Here’s what you’ll experience and learn:

Phase 1


In the very beginning, I’ll hold your hand and walk you through EXACTLY what to do, step by step with a clear roadmap for success. You’ll get immediate results within the first week.

In the first 7 days alone, you can expect to lose an average of 6 pounds.

In addition, you will…

  • lose the bloat
  • rid your body of inflammation
  • feel less aches, pain, stiffness and headaches
  • begin to experience amazing energy
  • be proud, and begin to feel good about yourself agai

Phase 2


This is where I teach you my secrets for making healthy living simple. I’ll share my tips and tricks for planning, prepping, shopping, packaging your food, making food taste good, in addition to all kinds of shortcuts.

Permanent weight loss is only possible if it is simple and enjoyable – otherwise you’ll quit. I’ll show you how to make this work into your world. I make it doable for life. I promise you – not only will you get results, but we’ll have fun, you’ll enjoy the journey and you’ll love mastering my simple secrets!

You will…

  • ignite your metabolism from a tiny spark into a blazing fire
  • say goodbye to sugar and carb cravings
  • burn fat while building and maintaining lean muscle mass
  • break free from self-sabotaging behavior
  • eat the foods you love – without feeling hungry or deprived
  • enjoy simple, delicious, family-friendly recipes
  • balance your blood sugar, which frees you from energy swings, fat storage and fatigue
  • bust through weight loss myths and understand exactly why they don’t work
  • understand the science of how your body works and what is necessary for healthy weight loss

Phase 3


As you enter the final Phase, you’re ready to take what you’ve learned to the next level and adapt it to your life, where it becomes second nature.

You will…

  • bust out of the all-or-nothing prison of perfection
  • break free from the bondage of the scale
  • learn how to enjoy vacations and travel without guilt or deprivation
  • continue to ROCK your metabolism
  • bust through your excuses and limiting beliefs
  • know how to enjoy social situations and eating out
  • learn to create new recipes and adapt old ones to fit your new healthy plan
  • enjoy planned indulgences, free of guilt
  • know how to get back on plan quickly after you fall off (instead of blowing the whole day, then the whole weekend, and never getting back on)
  • continue having success while living in moderation and understanding the secret power of being “generally good,” not perfect
  • become a master at simple, healthy meal planning and preparation
  • know exactly what to do to keep the weight off… for good!

I have exclusively customized this program to be EVERYTHING you need for healthy, permanent weight loss.

Introducing Kelly Timmerman

Nutritionist, Weight Loss Expert, Cancer Conqueror

I know what it’s like as a teenager to order “Husky” sizes from the Sears catalog, while my brother got to order “Slim”.

I know what it’s like to feel hopeless, like I’ll never again have boundless energy or a strong body.

I know what it’s like to quickly gain 40+ pounds after cancer, chemo, radiation, and a complete hysterectomy that destroyed my metabolism at age 39.

“I know what it’s like to be fearful of eating anything – because it will cause me to gain weight.”

I know what it’s like to fail at every diet out there- Weight Watchers, Adkins, South Beach, Nutrisystem.

And I know what it’s like to finally break through – to re-ignite my metabolism and achieve healthy weight loss. I’ve maintained it for the past 12 years, and helped my whole family lose a total of 100 lbs.

I’m here to tell you there is hope. I’ve experienced it, and I have helped hundreds of women finally break free from years of dieting with my secret formula of simple, permanent weight loss.

At age 37, world came to a crashing halt … as cancer literally brought me to my knees. After a 3 1/2 year battle and more surgeries than I can count, I emerged grateful, stronger, and determined to get healthy and live.   I’ve struggled and conquered – and with that I’ve earned a valuable perspective. I know what it’s like to feel hopeless in your body. I understand what it takes to muster the courage and determination to lose weight and get your health back.

When it comes to weight loss, picture this: I ushered in my 40’s with chemo, radiation, and a complete hysterectomy. My metabolism was totally shot. I quickly gained over 40 pounds. I tried the quick- fix diets that worked for me in the past. I joined all the extreme fitness challenges at local gyms. Each time I lost weight, I gained it right back plus a few more pounds. I was completely frustrated and lost hope that I would ever fit in my old clothes again.

“There had to be a better way… a simpler way.. and I was determined to find it.”

Fast forward a decade, several nutrition certifications and over a thousand clients later… My cancer story, my coaching success and results were picked up by CNN Headline News. The rest is hystory! I get to wake up every day and passionately help women all over the globe.

I know first-hand that health is a fragile gift that I will never again take for granted. I’ve been given a second chance at life. I’m a cancer thriver. I’ve taken back control of my health, and I’m on a mission to help you do the same. I can relate to your struggles. I’ll not only get you results, I’ll give you HOPE.



lost 68lbs and 41 inches!

Before Kelly’s program, I was constantly dieting with little or no results. I had low confidence, and high stress that I couldn’t control. I was experiencing headaches, joint aches, and constantly grabbing soda in the afternoon. I was depressed, and saw a visual deterioration in my fitness even though I exercised every day.

After 32 weeks with Kelly, I have lost 68 pounds and 41 inches. I call this my “circle of love” … LOVE FOR MYSELF.   Kelly’s simplified approach to healthy eating and the right balance of foods were doable, sustainable and enjoyable.

Within the first two weeks I felt better than I had for several years. My headaches were better, my joint aches improved, and I haven’t taken any pain medication since I started the program 8 months ago.

I gained more confidence and feel better about myself, which helped with depression.

My husband, Rod, joined me and has lost over 40 lbs.

This simple program shows you how to eat and teaches you why. It’s so easy to follow once you know the formula. Kelly teaches you how to plan so you don’t fail.

Kelly is so easy to work with and she genuinely cares about people. She works hard to help you to succeed. This program is life changing!



lost 48 pounds, 30 inches and dropped 4 pant sizes!

I have struggled with dieting my whole life. I was a perfectionist and it was so strict, and I felt like a failure. Now I know, as Kelly says, It’s all about being “generally good”, not perfect. It’s so freeing and so doable! For the first time in my life, I’m having real, lasting success.

I’ve lost 48 pounds, over 30 inches and gone down 4 pant sizes in the past 6 months!

Kelly makes things easy for me. I don’t have count calories.

I love the support and accountability. I have people to reach out to, I can reach to Kelly whenever I need to.

I highly recommend this because it’s doable, it fits in your life, it’s based on science and it just makes sense.

And oh, by the way, I have not worn makeup or cared about my clothes for years. That’s all changed and my self confidence has soared. I love to go out in with friends now. I got so excited I even bought myself 3 new red lipsticks last week! 🙂

Here’s how we’ll work together…


Weekly Video Lessons, Handouts & Educational Tools

We cover everything from how to end the diet addiction, busting through excuses, banishing belly fat and so much more…

8 Content Rich 1-Hour Classes

You won’t be alone. With interactive, motivating weekly classes you will have a supportive community of other committed women who will take this journey with you. 

These are designed to fit your schedule and location.  Attend in person, via Live Stream, or view the recording at your convenience. You may even watch over and over and get that extra dose of inspiration when you need it.


1 Personalized Coaching Call

Customized and devoted to exactly what you need. We’ll address your triggers, roadblocks, help you break through your struggles, and even help with meal planning.

Private Lean-Routine Facebook Group

A priceless community to bounce ideas, ask real-time questions and stay connected. I’ll be there every day answering questions along with my coaching team, so you’ll never wait long for personal support.


Bonus Alumni Facebook Community

Join our larger community of 900+ alumni who can help you with ideas, motivation and support – and enjoy access to hundreds of recipes. This is more than a small program. You are truly part of a movement for permanent, healthy weight loss.

Is this for you?

If you’re not ready to let go of trendy diet fads, all-or-nothing thinking, and unrealistic expectations, then this program isn’t a good fit.

However, if you’ve ever thought:

“I know I’m an emotional eater, but I just don’t know what to do about it.”

“I can focus really hard for a couple weeks, but then I give up.”

“I don’t like to go out anymore … I hate the way I look.”

If you are ready to:

Accept steady, consistent progress instead of demanding instant perfection

Learn how to feel amazing and healthy from the inside out

Transform not only your body but your mind, even if you don’t feel that it’s possible for you

Let go of restrictive, unhealthy quick-fix diets that are unrealistic

Commit to a healthy, science-based, expert-lead program designed specifically to give you permanent results with sustainable, doable strategies that work in “real life”




lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks!

I had been on every diet and nothing made the weight stay off. I needed passion and inspiration, and Kelly gave that to me. It finally clicked with Kelly’s program.

I have lost over 20 pounds and my husband has lost 40 pounds. I run a Human Resources division, and my husband is a physician. This truly works – even for busy professionals. Yes, there are days where it doesn’t go exactly as you want, but I have learned through the program to get right back on track without guilt.

Kelly brings her faith and passion to everything she does. Kelly has truly changed our lives.



lost 45 pounds in 6 months!

I struggled with finding a long-term, sustainable solution regarding eating healthier. As with most people, my life is busy and my schedule unpredictable and I could not find a program that helped me to understand how to make good choices and how to “pair” my foods for maximum benefit based on my lifestyle.

I have lost 45 pounds in 6 months! All of my lab work at my last physical was well within normal ranges and I feel happier and healthier. People tell me that I have a new “glow”. I still have a long way to go on my personal journey but feel like Kelly has armed with the information that I need to make it doable.

Kelly is the main reason I would recommend her program to others. She is so positive and uplifting and truly cares. I love her classes. The meals are delicious and help to keep you on track. The networking with others in the group is such a great help as they are real people facing the same challenges as I am.

Yes. I’m ready for support, accountability and results!

What’s next?

Let’s talk.

You’re invited to apply below. Together, we will find out if your commitment and mindset are both a fit for you and for The Lean Routine.

I look forward to helping you look and feel your very best!






I’m sorry, but Kelly is not taking new clients at this time.


Kelly Timmerman