Teens and Turkey? There’s Hope!

Teens and Turkey? There’s Hope!

 Teens and Turkey? There’s hope!


I never thought this day would come. Our son, Colin, was home from college this weekend.  He ASKED to make ground turkey!   He wanted to start learning to cook healthier, since he’ll have his own apartment this summer.

This is coming from a kid who would only eat sweets, pizza and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese while growing up. He was the pickiest eater ever.  I will never forget when we tried to get him to eat mashed potatoes.  It took him 2 glasses of milk to wash down 1 bite of potato, and even then he gagged dramatically as if he were going to toss it up at the table.  Ugh.

There’s hope!

Everything changed in our family when my hubby, Mark, finally agreed to follow the nutrition program I have been teaching for years. We all know that spouses can be a bit slow (and challenging)!  🙂   Mark lost 50 pounds in 4 months and has kept it off 2 years later.


Colin began watching and trying some healthier options. When he left for college, he actually lost 10 pounds instead of gaining the ‘Freshman 15’!  Sure, he still eats pizza and cookies like any college kid, but he is more mindful of protein and portion control.  For breakfast, for example, while other kids are eating French Toast and Cinnamon Rolls, he makes sure he has eggs with some fruit on the side.  Now as a college sophomore, he feels confident in his clothes and loves being healthy.  As a mom, this is one of the best gifts I could give my son.  I’m so proud that he wants to be healthy!

A few years and 100 lbs. later.

Can you see tell a difference?

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In total, our family has lost 100 pounds together over the past few years. I was a busy super-mom addicted to diet coke and sugar.  After beating cancer twice, I got healthy and inspired my whole family to eat better by leading by example.  If we can do this, so can you!

Start with YOU. Lead by example.  Your family will follow.

Want to get healthy, lose weight, and learn time-saving strategies that work for the whole family? Join us for my next 28-Day Nutrition Challenge.

~Kelly Timmerman~

Kelly Timmerman

Kelly has trained all types of people, including moms, Olympic athletes, kids, sports teams and busy professionals on how to improve their inner and outer well-being with proper nutrition. Kelly has coached nationally for over 11 years. She passionately empowers busy people to get their body back by making healthy eating SIMPLE and DOABLE for life.

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