How about a sneak peak into my fridge?

How about a sneak peak into my fridge?

How’s your fridge been treating you lately Is it setting you up to win?

Let’s take a sneak peak into my fridge today. I’ll show you some quick-and-easy healthy snacks, and give you some strategies to meal prep several meals at once. Last night I was able to make 5 days of healthy meals/snacks in 1 extra hour of prep!

Some of my key strategies:

Plan. Every week I set aside time to plan my meal for the week and make my grocery list.

Shop. Nothing makes it in my grocery cart if it’s not on my list. Always remember what you buy, you will eat. Resist the temptation to buy junk food “for the kids”. You’ll end up eating it too. Lead by example.

Prep. 2 nights per week I set aside time to prep extra meals. In this video, i show you all the food I made in 1 hour of prep.

Use shortcuts. Bagged organic salad mix and rotisserie chicken are a few good examples.

Always have healthy ready-to-eat snacks on hand. Cheese sticks, carrots, fruit, Greek yogurt.

Now, shall we take a sneak peak into my fridge?

I hope you gained a few tips from my fridge today. Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

P.S. What are your favorite meal prep tips? I’d love to hear from you!

Kelly Timmerman

Kelly has trained all types of people, including moms, Olympic athletes, kids, sports teams and busy professionals on how to improve their inner and outer well-being with proper nutrition. Kelly has coached nationally for over 11 years. She passionately empowers busy people to get their body back by making healthy eating SIMPLE and DOABLE for life.

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