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Lost 48 pounds, 30 inches and dropped 4 pant sizes!

I have struggled with dieting my whole life. I was a perfectionist and it was so strict, and I felt like a failure. Now I know, as Kelly says, It’s all about being “generally good”, not perfect. It’s so freeing and so doable! For the first time in my life, I’m having real, lasting success.

I’ve lost 48 pounds, over 30 inches and gone down 4 pant sizes in the past 6 months!

Kelly makes things easy for me. I don’t have count calories.

I love the support and accountability. I have people to reach out to, I can reach to Kelly whenever I need to.

I highly recommend this because it’s doable, it fits in your life, it’s based on science and it just makes sense.

And oh, by the way, I have not worn makeup or cared about my clothes for years. That’s all changed and my self confidence has soared. I love to go out in with friends now. I got so excited I even bought myself 3 new red lipsticks last week!

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Teresa D.

lost 68 pounds and 41 inches!

Before Kelly’s program, I was constantly dieting with little or no results. I had low confidence, and high stress that I couldn’t control. I was experiencing headaches, joint aches, and constantly grabbing soda in the afternoon. I was depressed, and saw a visual deterioration in my fitness even though I exercised every day.

After 32 weeks with Kelly, I have lost 68 pounds and 41 inches. I call this my “circle of love” … LOVE FOR MYSELF.   Kelly’s simplified approach to healthy eating and the right balance of foods were doable, sustainable and enjoyable.

Within the first two weeks I felt better than I had for several years. My headaches were better, my joint aches improved, and I haven’t taken any pain medication since I started the program 8 months ago.

I gained more confidence and feel better about myself, which helped with depression.

My husband, Rod, joined me and has lost over 40 lbs.

This simple program shows you how to eat and teaches you why. It’s so easy to follow once you know the formula. Kelly teaches you how to plan so you don’t fail.

Kelly is so easy to work with and she genuinely cares about people. She works hard to help you to succeed. This program is life changing!


Shawn Johnson – USA Olympic Gold Medalist

I am personally inspired by Kelly’s passion to encourage others to take control of their health. I love working with her. Kelly is an excellent coach.



Lost 45 lbs and 20 inches off her waist in 5 months, and has maintained for over a year!

Gina Tuttle

Gina T.

I have lost 45 pounds in 6 months!

I struggled with finding a long-term, sustainable solution regarding eating healthier.  As with most people, my life is busy and my schedule unpredictable and I could not find a program that helped me to understand how to make good choices and how to “pair” my foods for maximum benefit based on my lifestyle.

I have lost 45 pounds in 6 months, all of my lab work at my last physical was well within normal ranges and I feel happier and healthier.  People tell me that I have a new “glow”.  I still have a long way to go on my personal journey but feel like Kelly has armed with the information that I need to make it doable.

Kelly is the main reason I would recommend her program to others!  She is so positive and uplifting and truly cares.  I love her classes.  The meals are delicious and help to keep you on track!  The networking with others who are or have attended Kelly’s classes is such a great help as they are real people facing the same challenges as I am.  I cannot wait to attend another alumni program to see what new products and suggestions that Kelly has for us!



Lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks!

I had been on every diet and nothing made the weight stay off. I needed passion and inspiration, and Kelly gave that to me. It finally clicked with Kelly’s program.

I have lost over 20 pounds and my husband has lost 40 pounds. I run a Human Resources division, and my husband is a physician. This truly works – even for busy professionals. Yes, there are days where it doesn’t go exactly as you want, but I have learned through the program to get right back on track without guilt.

Kelly brings her faith and passion to everything she does. Kelly has truly changed our lives.


Dr. Tara Graff-Oncologist

I was working 60 hours a week with a new baby and not eating enough and crashing by mid day. I have always eaten healthy and organic, but needed more energy.

Kelly taught me to eat more and the right combinations. Soon the mid afternoon crash was gone, I had tons of energy and felt great. It also allowed me to lose the last 5 pounds of baby weight and then some.  It truly changed my outlook on food and life. I have always thought less was more and what this taught me is that “more is more”!

As a doctor, how is the program helping your patients?   I see a number of breast cancer patients/survivors.  This is such an important population of patients as we know a healthy BMI decreases risk of breast cancer recurrence, yet we prescribe them medications that can lead to weight gain.  I always recommend Kelly’s program and coaching to my patients.   I explain to them it is not about the next fad diet, but about learning a new lifestyle, a lifestyle where you can eat, feel good and lose weight.  The biggest struggle for them is excess weight, and losing the weight is essentially helping reduce their risk of breast cancer.  Kelly’s program teaches them how to eat right, feel great and provides them with a wonderful support group.


Marie H.

I’ve lost ​16.1 inches and ​15.8 lbs​!​  I love that I really got an understanding of how blood sugar leveling works and that eating PFC balanced meals every 3 hours keeps me in the fat burning mode. It’s been super easy for me and after 3 days of eating PFC balanced meals I had no cravings and I wasn’t hungry! That is amazing for me since I’ve tried so many food programs in the past and never succeeded. I have more energy, less bloat and no bad cravings! I’m craving healthier food now!  Your program is perfect for me because it took the guess work out of what I should eat​. Y​our classes and booklet have all the information to be successful! Plus I think you are amazing and very engaging!

karen webb 2

Karen W.

I was pre-diabetic with my blood sugar running around 122. Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed at 126. I had tried many diets to lose weight and lower my blood sugar but nothing worked. After the Win the Food Fight program, my blood sugar is normal (even below 100!). The program is enjoyable, simple and doable. Although my goal was to lower my blood sugar, I lost 10 pounds in the first few weeks! It’s a great program.

Lynn Brooks

Lynn B.

I am “pre-diabetic” and I’ve been in Kelly’s program for 3 months. I am hoping my A1C will be below 5.0 next month!  I’ve lost 15 lbs with NO HUNGER & ​NO​ CRAVINGS!!!!  Loving life!!!!!

Lisa D.

As I sit here in my office this afternoon and just finished your videos for next   week’s class, I find myself at great peace.  I just wanted to reach out to you to   thank you for everything that you do and continuing to support me on my   3rd  time taking your classes:)  I am not sure if I wasn’t ready the last two   times, but for some reason, this time is different.

While I have lost 10.5 pounds, the other changes I have experienced have   been so amazing.  I have been sleeping like a baby, my energy level is   through the roof and I am only hungry when my 3 hours is about up:)  My mood is simply peaceful:)   I am finding that my life, in every aspect, is so much more organized and for the first time since I   can remember, I have time!  Time to do things I have always wanted to do, but never thought I had   the time and never would take the time for myself.

Yesterday after visiting one of my Hospice patients, I realized that I had forgotten to put my muffins   in my purse and I was starving as it was 3 1/2 hours since my last meal.  I found a QT and picked up   2 cheese sticks and a banana.  I was so thrilled to have this knowledge!  I knew if I waited to get   home  in 30 minutes, I would be almost sick.  I am loving that my metabolism is revving up and at   work.  My clothes fit SO much better and I am wearing things I haven’t worn since I lost my dad 3   years ago.  For the last 3 years, I have been so worried about taking care of everyone else and his   estate that I just didn’t care about taking care of myself.  I was pretty lost and putting a bunch of   crap into my body.  I felt terrible physically, but blamed it all on the grief.  Thank you SO much for   introducing this plan to me.  I feel incredibly powerful and now know that this is my new lifestyle.  It   is simple, easy, and DOABLE!  I cannot wait to see my “old” self (prior to my dad’s death) resurface   as I get closer to my goal weight and body fitness.

reo menning

Reo M.

Over the years, I put on more and more weight but couldn’t seem to find a way to eat healthy. I also had familia tremors.   With Win the Food fight, I no longer struggle with the tremors.  Keeping my blood sugar level by eating the right combinations of foods every three hours has gotten them completely under control, and I’m finally and effortlessly taking off the pounds I’d put on over the years!  I feel healthier today than I have in my entire adult life.  I’m not a cook. Kelly’s found all the tricks on how to batch cook to keep me out of the kitchen as much as possible.  She’s designed recipes that rely heavily on the crock-pot (my kind of cooking), and she’s even helped me find things in the grocery store.  She worked with me to tailor the foods to my likes — never requiring me to eat anything that didn’t appeal to me.  She’s given me literally hundreds of meal ideas that are simple, tasty and easy to make happen when I’m traveling, in a tight pinch for time or have all the time in the world.  She makes it so easy to succeed!  Win the Food Fight is simple and easy to incorporate into any lifestyle. If a single mom of three with a demanding job and no cooking skills whatsoever can make it work, anyone can!