How Can I Help You?

I’m on a mission to empower and help you to Win the Food Fight!

After beating cancer twice, I know what it takes to win the fight. Let’s face it—our health is a daily battle. Busy schedules, kids and stress can keep us from making our own health a priority. I’ll lock arms with you and give you the tools, education, and motivation you need to take back control of your health.

I teach and implement practical lifestyle, not dieting. I create quick and easy solutions for busy people. After an initial nutrition and health assessment, I will create a personalized game plan based on your individual goals and set you up to win.

Not sure if this is for you? Or which program to choose? I always offer a 30-minute health consultation. I will give you a nutrition overview, meal ideas, and tips based on your schedule, goals and lifestyle. You’ll leave with healthy strategies you can implement immediately.


Kelly’s program was featured on
CNN Headline News in April of 2014.

From our customers

“I am personally inspired by Kelly’s passion to encourage others to take control of their health. I love working with her. Kelly is an excellent coach.”

—Shawn Johnson,
Olympic Gold Medalist


“Kelly has helped me look and feel my best. She’s amazing! Together we are on a mission to teach girls how to achieve a healthy body image, that being healthy is better than being skinny, and that true beauty lies within.”
—Abi Goeser, Miss Iowa National American Miss 2014

Detox, Ignite and THRIVE!
Cutting-Edge Weight Loss Challenge

Do you want to:

  • LOSE weight
  • BURN fat
  • BUILD lean muscle
  • BOOST your metabolism?

Do you struggle with:


Do you want to:

  • FUEL your workouts
  • LOOK YOUR BEST without dieting
  • Learn QUICK and EASY meal solutions?

The answer is simple:

Create balance in your body with proper nutrition. Let’s take your health to a whole new level and Win the Food Fight! Join the challenge!

Kelly’s recent Challenge statistics:

WEEK #1: 58 people lost a total of 368 pounds.
WEEK #4: Average weight loss 12 pounds.

All clients gained a lifelong nutrition education and learned to lose weight the healthy way — NO DIETING, NO RESTRICTION.

Note: Supplements are not required for success.
You’ll learn to eat real food!

What are you waiting for?

LOSE your bloat.
MELT your belly.
LIVE your life!

Start your journey today!