Good-bye, Old Ranch.

Good-bye, Old Ranch.

Do you love Ranch Dressing as much as I do?  Seriously, we used to put Ranch on everything growing up … from salads, to veggies, to fries and even pizza (yikes)!  Thankfully our family eats much healthier now, but it has been hard to find a clean ranch dressing that tastes as good as the Ranch Dressing of my childhood days.

Until now.  Move over Old Ranch … I’ve found someone new!  I have discovered Bolthouse Farms Creamy Salad Dressings,  and they are to die for.  They taste amazing, and are deceptively  healthy.  Low fat, low sugar, low sodium.  Made from creamy yogurt, they contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.  You’ll find them in the refrigerated section of your grocery store near the fresh produce.  The Ranch and many other creamy dressing varieties taste great.  We have many family favorites, but Salsa Ranch is in the lead.  It’s wonderful on salads, as a veggie dip, and spread on chicken breasts before baking.   My husband loves the Blue Cheese Dressing with a bit of Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Wing Sauce mixed in.  It’s also a great combo drizzled over baked chicken tenders.

Enjoy … guilt free!


All My Best,
Kelly Timmerman

Kelly has trained all types of people, including moms, Olympic athletes, kids, sports teams and busy professionals on how to improve their inner and outer well-being with proper nutrition. Kelly has coached nationally for over 11 years. She passionately empowers busy people to get their body back by making healthy eating SIMPLE and DOABLE for life.

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