Author: Kelly Timmmerman

You know all about eating healthy, right? You shop around the edge of the grocery store. You choose "healthy" foods. But you still can't lose weight. It's frustrating, right? Here's one of the keys to simple, permanent weight loss: Pairing your foods correctly unlocks your body's potential...

When's the last time you were so excited you were jumping up and down? I just had a surprise visitor today. Of course, I had to capture it on my iPhone so you can all see our excitement firsthand! Teresa Dowd just left her annual physical with...

How dense are you?   I'm referring to your breasts!  :)   As a breast cancer survivor, I passionately share this topic with women every chance I get.   Knowing the answer to this could save your life! Meet my dear friends Lisa and Shannon.  They...

How's your fridge been treating you lately Is it setting you up to win? Let's take a sneak peak into my fridge today. I'll show you some quick-and-easy healthy snacks, and give you some strategies to meal prep several meals at once. Last night I was able to make 5 days of healthy meals/snacks in 1 extra hour of prep!

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