Are you ready to Win the Food Fight?

Are you ready to Win the Food Fight?

I’m thrilled to announce my new Fall Programs and my newest business initiative, Win the Food Fight!

The BEST part of creating this was the photo shoot with a real food fight!  It was a blast to be a “kid” again and smear food all over my teenagers, Colin and Sarah.   By the end, we were all covered in cherry pie, flour, frosting, cupcakes, oatmeal, popcorn, whip cream and more.  (And yep … it tasted YUMMO!)

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So how does this tie into my passion for wellness?  I’m on a mission to empower and help the masses Win the Food Fight!  After successfully beating cancer twice, I know what it takes to WIN the fight.  Let’s face it – our health is a daily battle.  Busy schedules, kids and stress can keep us from making our own health a priority.  I’ll lock arms with you and give you the tools, education, and motivation you need to take back control of your health.

Do you want to lose weight, burn fat, build lean muscle and boost your metabolism? 

Do you struggle with diabetes, poor health, sugar cravings or low energy?

Do you want to fuel your workouts and look and feel your best without dieting or restriction?

The answer is simple: Create balance in your body and stabilize your blood sugar with proper nutrition.  You will take your health to a whole new level and Win the Food Fight!

I teach real food for real people, not dieting or living off packaged food or shakes.  After an initial nutrition and health assessment, I will create a personalized game plan based on your individual goals and set you up to win.  I offer 1-on-1 packages, group programs and challenges, and free nutrition seminars.  Obesity BEWARE – Here I come!

Need a success story to get you motivated?  Mark is down 50 pounds in 4 months on the program!

Mark Before

Mark AfterUpcoming Events:

FREE Nutrition Session: 

Wednesday, Sept. 3, 6:00-7:00pm

Hosted by Glen Oaks Country Cub (1401 Glen Oaks Dr, West Des Moines, IA)

*Open to members and nonmembers – Reference “Nutrition Seminar” at the main gate

– Learn the 5 Biggest Health Mistakes People Make

– Debunk traditional dieting myths

– Sample quick-and-easy healthy snacks


September 4-Week BLAST Group Challenge – $119

Hosted by Glen Oaks Country Cub (1401 Glen Oaks Dr, West Des Moines, IA)

*Open to members and nonmembers – Reference “Nutrition Seminar” at the main gate

Kick Off:  Sunday, Sept 7, 4:00-5:00pm

Weekly Group Sessions:  Mondays @ 6:30-7:30pm Sept 15 – Oct 6

Space Limited – RSVP for reservations.

** In Kelly’s recent  BLAST participants averaged 12-pound weight loss in 4 weeks!  The program was so successful, she was featured on CNN Headline News!cnn hln logo

The September 4-Week BLAST is a  “Mini” version of the 8-Week Body Transformation taught on a group level.  This Challenge can be brought to your work, school, neighborhood, athletic club, and more!  Gather friends or coworkers, challenge each other and get healthy together!  Includes:

  • 5 weekly group classes
  • Optional personal coaching sessions tailored for your schedule and goals (half price for group class participants  – only $25 each – highly recommended – at least 1 or 2!)
  • Email, Phone and Text support
  • Group education, support, accountability, weekly weigh-ins
  • Meal plans and recipes
  • Additional Coaching, meal plans, motivation and recipes through closed Facebook Coaching Group
  • Venice Nutrition Handbook

8-Week Body Transformation Program:

Physiology-based program is designed to transform your body and reprogram your metabolism in 8 weeks.  You will start with detoxing your body by eating clean.  Then you’ll ignite your metabolism and totally learn to embrace the concept of living a healthier lifestyle based on blood sugar stabilization.  You’ll learn how to integrate your favorite foods into your plan and work this into your life forever.

  •  Includes 3 phases:
    • Detox: 7-Day or 14-Day detox.  You’ll cut, clean and flush your body while you lose bloat and inflammation.
    • Ignite: Kickstart your metabolism and fat burning while melting your belly.
    • Thrive: Learn to work this into your lifestyle and enjoy the foods you love while living the plan forever.
  •  6 personal coaching sessions, including an in-depth nutrition and health assessment
  •  All materials needed for each phase (excludes supplements)
  •  Individual accountability and education specifically designed for you and your goals
  •  Meal plans and recipes
  •  Venice Nutrition Handbook
  •  Supplement Guide
  • Access to closed Facebook Group for additional meal plans, motivation, and recipes
  • Before, during and after measurements and pictures.

12-Week Life Transformation Program:

The roadmap you will need to pace yourself into a complete and total lifestyle shift.  Kelly will lock arms with you and pace you with a complete blueprint to a new healthy lifestyle!   This comprehensive program integrates the 8-Week Body Transformation Program to reprogram your metabolism, then leads you to fully embrace and maximize a lifelong education in nutrition and blood sugar stabilization.  Includes all aspects of the 8-Week Body Transformation Program, plus:

  •  Additional 4 weeks of interactive coaching, including 2 additional personal coaching sessions
  • 90-day access to customized online nutrition software, an integrative system designed to use the foods you love and provide you with additional meal plans, grocery lists, and set additional goals for you.  Includes hundreds of meal options recipes, access to a community of others living the plan, webinar vault and more!
  • NY Times Bestselling book Body Confidence, by Mark Macdonald

28-Day Jump Start Program 

Another “Mini” version of the 8-Week Body Transformation, designed specifically for your pace and your goals.  Instead of beginning with a detox, we’ll begin with the basics of balanced meals and a personalized program that fits your current lifestyle. Includes most of the items in the 8-Week Transformation, with the exception of 4 coaching sessions instead of 6.

First session always FREE!

Not sure if this is for you?  Or which program to choose?  Take advantage of a FREE 30-minute health consultation.  Kelly will give you a nutrition overview, meal ideas and tips based on your schedule, goals and lifestyle.  You’ll leave with healthy strategies you can implement immediately.

Individual and Family Nutrition Coaching available for all programs.  These are personalized sessions tailored for your lifestyle. 

* All programs can be tailored for corporate settings and long-distance clients.

* Speaking Engagements by request.

* Customer Referral Program: Refer a friend receive a FREE nutrition session.

So are you ready to WIN the Food FightFood-009web

Kelly Timmerman is an Author, Speaker, Nutritionist, Cancer Conqueror and Entrepreneur who has trained everyone from soccer moms to Olympic athletes, kids and executives on how to improve their inner and outer wellbeing with proper nutrition and lifestyle habits.  Kelly coaches internationally and has been helping people lose weight, melt their fat, and win their personal health and fitness battles for over 8 years.  Kelly was recently featured on CNN Headline News.

Kelly Timmerman

Kelly has trained all types of people, including moms, Olympic athletes, kids, sports teams and busy professionals on how to improve their inner and outer well-being with proper nutrition. Kelly has coached nationally for over 11 years. She passionately empowers busy people to get their body back by making healthy eating SIMPLE and DOABLE for life.

  • Marlene Giermann
    Posted at 02:26h, 17 October

    Kelly is there any type of program I can get into without coming to Des Moines for your sessions. I would like to trim the weight off my mid section, mostly tommy. Let me know if anything is possible. Thanks. Marlene

    • Kelly Timmerman
      Posted at 02:39h, 17 October

      Hi, Marlene. I consult 1-on-1 individually – both in person and long distance. I have clients all over the country. Online and phone coaching is extremely effective. If you are interested, please email me at Thanks!

  • Cindy Pierce
    Posted at 17:15h, 14 September


    I heard you speak at the Y last week and would love to find out more about your program and when the next session starts. Thanks