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Proven Results


Mark Timmerman

Kelly helped Mark lose 50 lbs in 4 months!


Results for all ages

Kylee and her mom both lost over 40 lbs!


Setting an example for teens

Teaching healthy eating early changes lives!

Kelly was featured on CNN Headline News

Watch Kelly Timmerman's transformation
story on HLN headline news.

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The Secret: Balancing your Blood Sugar


Kelly believes this is the key to looking and feeling your best.

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Keys to Success

With a customized meal and exercise plan, an interactive journal, and a comprehensive recipe database with unlimited meal options, you’ll have the most effective tools at your fingertips to make your goals a reality.

Knowledge is power. You’ll learn how your body burns fat effectively and efficiently. Once you learn the how, then we’ll apply it for real results. This education is an investment in yourself – one that will last a lifetime.

Kelly’s real-life experience with struggle gives her a unique perspective when it comes to encouragement and motivation. Her empathy, passion for helping and truly connecting with people will give you the hope you’ve been missing.

Real Stories from Real People

  • I am personally inspired by Kelly's passion to encourage others to take control of their health. I love working with her. Kelly is an excellent coach. Read more stories like Shawn's
    Shawn Johnson USA Olympic Gold Medalist
  • I needed professional direction and a lifestyle change, NOT another diet. From the first session with Kelly I felt encouraged and at ease with this new change. Read Stephanie's story
    Stephanie E.Nurse Practitioner
  • In just a few weeks I’ve lost weight, I'm sleeping better, I have more energy and my stress is down. Read Rob's story
    Rob R.Paramedic
  • My doctor recommended that I see Kelly to make sure I'm eating correctly. I couldn't have come this far without Kelly. Read Connie's story
    Connie L.Event Manager
  • My A1C went from 7.7 to 5.5 in 10 weeks and my doctor cut my medication in half.  This is a powerful story for anyone who understands diabetes. Read Greg's story
    Greg P.Project Manager
  • I dropped 20 pounds, lost 4.2% body fat and 8 inches, while significantly improving my blood pressure numbers. Now it’s just part of my lifestyle. Read Dan's story
  • Meeting Kelly was one of the best investments I have ever made. I look leaner and continuously get compliments on how I look. Read Jodi's story
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